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"A visit to Ange at Wirral Therapy Services is a real treat for my mind, body and soul. From the moment she welcomes me into her cosy retreat, the stresses of the outside world start to melt away! Ange goes above and beyond to indulge the senses, creating an incredibly blissful, relaxing experience!

The treatments themselves are heavenly and Ange is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to see. In addition to providing a soothing treatment, she also listens to my life dramas, and about the body areas that are causing discomfort (normally my neck and upper back), and tailors each treatment to address these problem areas. Ange will also make recommendations for self help that can be used after the treatment to help repair and restore the problem areas.

I cannot recommend Ange highly enough! After every session, I feel happier, more peaceful and more relaxed... each time I leave the comfort of Ange's treatment room, the only thing more I could wish for is that I could take her with me!" 
Sarah, 33, CEO, client since 2017.

"Dear Angie, thank you so much for being in my life! 

I felt an instant connection when I came upon Angie by chance, as she was calm and gave out such peaceful vibes. Angie's treatment room is a sanctuary, and whenever I came into her world, I fell under her speall and would find a peace within me that I didn't know existed. The treatments were personal, given with care and love, and Angie always seemed to have endless time. I never felt hurried, or like a customer. I was wrapped in a warm friendship that has indeed grown over the years. 

When I was taken ill, Angie went out of her way to do home visits and was a key player in my recovery, and, as the next stage in my healing, motivated me to get physically well, and I looked forward to the challenge of walking to Priory Cottage. 

We started to talk a lot, and created a pattern to my sessions which gave us time to share thoughts and ideas and develop creatively, particularly related to personal growth and development. This has grown to feeling a huge connection between our inner selves and I like to think that our personal and spiritual growth has been mutually supportive and beneficial. I am really grateful to have such a good friend with whom I can be my authentic self- I trust Angie with my deepest feelings and emotions, and she treats them with love and respect, whilst gently guiding me on my path to personal self love. 

Angie is more than an holistic therapy practitioner. She a wonderful person who gives all she has to meet the very differing needs of her individual clients. I have recommended Angie to several friends, and know that they too, feel this way. She works her magic in the right way for every individual, with integrity and vision, and I know she brings so much to each and every interaction that anyone in her care is blessed to receive.  

Angie, You are very special person, who has helped me physically, emotionally and lovingly, to value my health and wellbeing as the key to fulfilling a greater happiness! I wish you continual success as you develop further, and I am excited to see where your next adventure in healing therapies and floating retreats takes you! Thank you Angie, Love You xx"
Mim, 67, retired Headteacher and first client at Priory Cottage.

" Angela has provided me with a range of sports related massages, as well as general relaxation massage for a number of years. Excellent, or even good, deep tissue massage is hard to come by, and Angie is the best I've found by far. As a keen runner and cyclist, plus someone who does weight training, I have suffered from a variety of muscle and tissue issues over the years. From shoulder strains, lower back issues including sciatica, and general aching muscles, I have found Angela to be well educated in the right pressure and process to alleviate pain and quicken recovery. She knows when rest is best and also when manipulation of tissues can assist. Fundamentally, Angela is the best masseuse I have found by a country mile.
Shona, 41, Managing Director.

"Angie is a highly gifted therapist. She is very knowledgeable, skilled, passionate and dedicated to providing the very best holistic experience for her clients. She is exceptionally client centred, and the depth of the experience she offers is incomparable. I guarantee that once you experience Angie's TLC, you will want to return again and again.
Veronica, counsellor, regular client.

"After having had major reconstruction surgery on his spine my husband Peter was recommended by a close friend to visit Wirral Therapy Services - Angela Erving. A true sceptic to all things holistic he went along to his first visit. I have to say that now two and a half years later he is still having regular monthly treatments and has vowed that he will never stop. Unable to walk properly and in a lot of pain, Angie was able to relax and instil a confidence in Pete that has given him a new lease of life! Through this therapy he believes that it has been the catalyst to helping him making as full a recovery as was possible for him to make.

Having had a few medical issues myself and also suffering from work and family stresses (basically what most people have in their everyday lives) - I attended my first session with Angie not long after Pete. 

Pete and I both agree that the service Angie provides is second to none and that nothing is ever too much for her. Upon entering Angie's cottage the feeling of instant calm and warmth that envelopes you is instantly soothing. Angie's professionalism is immediately evident, but her thoughtfulness and caring shines through to make you feel instantly relaxed. Each visit is adapted to suit what you need at that time- and whatever you need is never a problem. Angie's versatile skills are always ready to ensure that you always leave feeling so much better than when you arrived. She always goes above and beyond to help you in any way she can. 

All we can say is that each time we leave, we have our next appointment booked and can't wait to return! Thank you, Angie, for everything!" 
Pete, 54, Site Manager, & Deb, 53, Finance Officer, clients since 2017.

"I really look forward to my foot pamper appointment with Ange every 4 weeks! I see this as my chill time, and enjoy the relaxation in her sanctuary room, our little chats and general catch up.

Ange is a lovely person and very knowledgeable in her profession as a Wellbeing Therapist. Ange is always willing to listen about my ailments and offer advice to help relieve any discomfort I may be in.

I have been having reflexology, luxury pedicures and my toenails painted with Ange for coming up for 6 years. When my treatments are complete I feel like I am walking on air! Due to my daytime employment, Ange fits my appointments in of an evening, and it is so relaxing, I sleep like a log that night! I would fully recommend Ange as a therapist, and once you have had a treatment, you will be on a countdown until your next one!"
Julie, Personal Development, Behaviours and Welfare Support Officer @ Training Provider, client since April 2015

"I originally came to Ange having received a Gift Voucher- a fabulous, life-changing present given by my Wife! Historically, I've had some issues with my back and hip, mostly self-inflicted, through too many thrills, spills and prangs on my varied selection of two-wheeled transportation media. Oh, and, yes, through getting older too...

Ange presents a very calm environment, easing me into the treatment following a comprehensive 'interview' to ascertain my headspace and body niggles. I found this experience a little alien initially, coming from a more sports cardiovascular intensive training approach, but Angie's personality and (always) calming influence guided and prepared me, and on completion of the preliminary relaxation, a Tibetan bowl sounded, and the massage began...

The manner in which the massage was given and attended to my particular areas of concern, presented a bespoke treatment that felt so right.

Indeed, Angie's sessions feel so good, it's probably best to arrange a lift home, and to wrap up warm and comfortable afterwards to keep the vibe upon leaving! In fact, Angie's treatments have worked so well for me that I have repeated visits monthly ever since which are scheduled happily amongst my other on-going physical management pursuits to aid my health, flexibility and wellbeing!"
Keith, client since April 2018.

" Ihave been to many therapists and had many massages. I found Angela to be the best! She is a good listener and counsellor too, especially after losing my Husband and soulmate. I regard Angela as a good friend, and I look forward to each visit with her knowing I will come home feeling relaxed and stronger to face anything life throws my way! I wish Angela success in everything she does. This is for you, Angela: 

"Your smile is your logo, Your personality is your business card. How you leave others' feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark". (Jay Danzie).

This comes from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate all you have done for me both physically and emotionally. You have helped me through these years. Thank you!"
Theresa, translator, 65. Client since February 2017.