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Wirral Therapy Services - Wellbeing Is In Your Hands

You are warmly welcomed to join Wirrals' WorldWideWeb Wholistic Wellbeing Membership Club where you can access a range of resources including:- practical tips and advice- mini workshops- guided practical activities- introductory Wellness Therapy courses- video-link group sessions to help you to look after your physical and mental wellbeing OPTIMALLY!

These resources will be added to on a regular basis, and if there is anything in particular you would like to see included, please get in touch by text or voicemail to let me know!

Your Membership donations are essential to help me keep this Club and its resources going, and every bit helps! Membership lasts 12 months when a renewal donation is requested, though you are welcome to make donations at any other time. Let's keep this Club going! 

Our Wellbeing is in Our Hands 

Please go to the 'Enrol Now' page where you will be given options for making a donation. Once you have subscribed, please get in touch and I will direct you to access the resources page!