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"Hi! I'm Angie, and I'd be delighted to welcome you warmly to Wirral Therapy Services at Priory Cottage, where my mission is to empower you to know that 'Wellness truly is in YOUR hands!"

Angie Erving

About Me
Recognise & Rapport


"An Allied Health professional, I have been dedicated to an HOLISTIC approach to health and wellbeing ever since following my BSc Honours degree in Health at Chester University in 1996. I have practised health therapy ever since training in Physiatrics, Aesthetic therapies, Electrology and Aromatherapy at the prestigious Yorkshire College of Beauty in 1999. For seven years I worked alongside a team of expert health practitioners within a specialist Holistic Health Centre in Eccleston that included Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Fitness Training. Whilst there I trained in Reflexology, Lasertrology and Medical Dermal Therapies. Following this I decided to share my experience and knowledge of health and completed a post graduate teaching certificate at NEWI. I have been a regional lecturer and assessor part time at FE colleges across the North West since 2005, alongside practising clinical hours. I recently completed an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science back at my old home Chester University, and am a Nutritional Therapist specialising in optimising wellness with a plant and whole foods only diet."


Angie's  Approach...

Angie is a Naturopathic Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant who offers tailored 1:1 support on a private basis and for socially prescribed community referral adults who wish to improve their lifestyle, wellbeing and health. 


With over 20 years experience, Angie integrates a variety of therapeutic modalities to help activate the natural healing processes within each client that support restoration of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through addressing the root causes of, promoting a reduction of stresses that contribute to, guiding lifestyle redesign solutions to, and alleviating physical and mental symptoms of, disease, disorder and disharmony.


Committed to continuous Knowledge & Skill Development, my quest has led me to Goa, India to learn Traditional Ayurvedic Massage in 2010. I have advanced my manual manipulation therapies to include studying Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy and Myofascial Release to continually develop and update my skills in order to be able to provide advanced treatment to clients and a higher level of knowledge to students. I have recently completed a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. A lifelong conscious learner and creator, and a passionate MaterialBodyMindSoul Wellness Practitioner and Researcher, I am  intent on being reborn into new wisdom everyday!

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