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"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."                                                                                                                                           Hippocrates

"Healing yourself is connected with healing others."

Yoko Ono


We offer:

- Manual Bodywork (Massage) Therapies 

- Reflexology

- Dermal Care Advice and Treatments

- Botanical Aroma Therapy

- Personal Nutritional Plans

- Authentic Solution Commune

- Basic Health Check Screening

(including anthropometric and physiological

measurements and preliminary blood sampling)

People referred to us are warmly welcomed into the peaceful, comforting environment of the Priory Cottage treatment room in Upton Village, (or we can arrange initial home visits to extend our therapies to those physically or psychologically unable to get to us) and are invited to co-create Personal Optimal Wellbeing Plans.

My philosophy is based on the belief that customers' needs are of the utmost importance and that health and wellbeing can be achieved whilst working within an ethical framework. I strictly limits client appointments to a maximum of four daily; you will never feel rushed through your treatments!

Back Massage
Preparing for Blood Test
Hot Stone Massage
Reflexology Therapy
Holding Hands

About Naturopathic Holistic Healing

Receiving loving touch therapies and care is widely recognised to provide meaningful contribution to health, comfort and wellbeing. You can melt into experiencing a a diverse range of holistic 1:1 health and wellbeing therapies and personal Authentic Commune support interventions including modalities that are:

- biochemical (such as herbs, nutritional supplements and essential oils)

- biomechanical (such as massage and facials)

- lifestyle impacting (such as dietary changes, exercise and visualisation)

- bioenergetic (such as reflexology, myofascial release and Tibetan singing bowl resonating vibrations) as various means to promoting health, wellbeing, harmony and vitality.

THERAPY One to One: About

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Manipulates the soft tissues for therapeutic benefits to all systems of the body and mind, whilst you drift away into blissful peace. 


Therapeutic massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. Therapeutic massage can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tension, and pain relief.


Interdisciplinary, Angela will prescribe a combination of techniques tailored to your needs, including:



from £28 per session

Loyalty discounts apply


Based on the scientific theory that all parts of the body are interconnected energetically, the feet representing an invisible map of the body, and that a precise and soothing application of manual pressure to reflex points on the feet will correspondingly influence the whole person- physically, psychologically and spiritually and stimulate the body's healing and re-harmonisation processes. Clients often experience a deep sense of relaxed spacious awareness and tranquility.

Usually applied on the feet, the techniques can also be carried out on the hands and ears.

£46 per session

Loyalty discounts apply

Dermal Care Therapy

Indulge your senses in creamy, luxurious, aromatic customised preparations for cleansing, exfoliating, re-balancing, nourishing and protecting the face together with massage to re-harmonise and fortify the delicate structure of the skin.

£66 per session

Loyalty discounts apply

Aroma Therapy

Divinely fragranced essential oils are blended just for you for incorporation in any of the other therapy sessions to influence mind, body & spirit, physiology & mood via the limbic system through inhalation and by chemical change via topical or oral absorption.

£8 per blend

THERAPY One to One: Services

Thermal Stone Therapy

Used in conjunction with other therapies. Integration uses the amazing geo-thermic power and piezo-electrical energy of natural Volcanic Basalt Stones to recharge your ions and enhance any therapy. The soothing, penetrating heat of thermal stones warms and softens the skin and muscles enveloping you in deeply comforting sensations.

£9 per use

Ayurvedic Naysam

Using Shadbindu Taila (oil), this is a Lymphatic and Sinus De-congestion Facial Massage combined with Herbal Steam Inhalation & Medicated Nasal Oil Drops. Cleanse, refresh, soothe and decongest your nasal passages and sinuses, and clear space for free flow of energy to your Third Eye.


Nutritional Cleansing & Coaching

Just by living life, we naturally manufacture internal metabolic waste, and, additionally, we are exposed to harmful toxic chemicals energy and cognitive influences in our physical and social environment.

A Nutritional Cleansing Program, often known as a 'Detox', is a nutritional process of flushing the body of accumulated toxic build up of harmful contamination from your body.

A Nutritional Health Building Coaching Program is the antidote for living in modern society, and is the ultimate overhaul for Prevention and Healing of acute and chronic dis-ease and dis-order.

from £90 (plus tailored herbal remedies)

Natural Beauty Treatments

We offer a range of Beauty Treatments to existing clients ONLY including:

  • Eye beauty (tinting & shaping)

  • Hand and foot care (manicures & pedicures)

  • Hair removal (waxing)

As well as advice and referrals for other specialist Aesthetic Therapies such as:

  • Class V Laser Hair Removal

  • Acrylic Nails

  • Micro-Pigmentation.

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