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Yoga Class for all Ages

What Do We Do?

Help You Reach Your Optimum Wellness

From our peaceful setting at Priory Cottage in Wirral, or on-site at your venue by arrangement, we pride ourselves on delivering a highly soothing, bespoke experience that cares for you holistically, mind, body and soul.

We offer a specialised wellness consultancy prescribing therapeutic treatments on a one-to-one basis, life redesign workshops in group settings and professional vocational training services for individuals looking to train in the industry. We practice conscious entrepreneurship, working with other conscious local businesses, and using and recommending organic and vegan products.

We provide a private clinical practice of tailored personal lifestyle support and wellbeing therapies and coaching programmes to individual residents in the local Wirral area, who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle- many of whom may have been socially prescribed a community referral to our services through the NHS. *some of these services may be FREE to some users on a means tested basis


We also provide FREE* educational health and wellbeing self-care group workshops, activities, resources and essential social support to individuals and community groups to broaden and enhance peoples knowledge and understanding of factors affecting health, and healthful daily practices to assist health recovery and maintenance of optimal health, get people in (or back to) work and assist adults with care needs. Workshops are also accessible to those who may want to cascade the learning to others (such as teachers, GPs, allied health professionals and community group volunteers).


Additionally, through our community referral service pathway, we provide Vocational Training Skills and Qualifications for those who have completed one of our health and wellbeing workshops and wish to progress to study for a recognised wellbeing qualification (such as Swedish Massage or Reflexology) in order to practice themselves.

Who Do We Help?

Wellness is in Your Hands

* Have you been affected by covid-19, physically, emotionally, socially or financially?

We are here to help!

We are an inclusive wellness service provider. People from all backgrounds are most welcome to book in for treatments as paying clients, and anyone worldwide can join the Wholistic Wellness Club.


Through our Social Prescribing, Government Funded project, WTS Ltd has a particular emphasis on mobilising a service that is accessible to, yet not limited to:

* Local Wirral people who are...

* socially and economically disadvantaged groups (such as the elderly and infirm, carers, working people on a low wage with families, struggling business owners, young parents)...

* and those with a high risk of, or already affected by, the key contemporary disorders and diseases and early morbidities that currently place great strain on our health services, society and economy (in particular including mental and nervous ill-health, digestive complaints, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory and liver diseases and cancer).

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Tel: 0759 187 8801

Text or leave a voicemail 24 hrs a day and I will get back to you as soon as possible- this is the best way to reach me!

Check here for updates! Opening hours are currently restricted and changeable, but with Department of Health & Social Care 'CARE Status' WTS Ltd is still able to operate through all tiers and lockdowns in cases where it is imperative for wellbeing, such as for clients with chronic pain or moderate anxiety. I open early hours, late nights and bank holidays. Weekend appointments are charged at 15% extra and may be made either Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings. 

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