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Support Wirral Wellness!
I am now crowdfunding!

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Wirral's Wellness Need Story

Our Wellness Support Services:

Examples of the support available included:

 - shopping, personal care and care calls for the elderly/ isolated

- Talk-Train-Touch Therapy for NHS socially prescribed patients with poor mental health including counsel-consults, breathwork, mindfulness, massage, reflexology and nutritional therapy

- self-esteem and motivation workshops for young people going into business

- positive spiritual mindset group workshops by zoom or face to face

- online wellness resources to help those who couldn’t be face to face.

The Challenges:

Wirral Therapy support services were very well received, but I had to stop when the funding ran out and to finish homeschooling my daughter through covid GCSE’s and complete my Nutrition and Exercise MSc. 

I want to be able to restart the free enriching services, as well as rebuild my paid service provision, given that alternative approaches to wellness are SO so needed by the community especially since the NHS system falls short, becoming more stretched, outdated, increasingly inaccessible and inept!

However, whilst wellness services and independent business support are still desperately needed to help people move beyond surviving the last 3 years to thriving, Government support and funding has now unfortunately stopped altogether for small, independent business (I found no one at the job centre is even allowed to have a conversation with me unless I am on benefits!).

The Local Need:

Liverpool and Wirral have some of the highest levels of health, education and employment deprivation in the country (Indices of Deprivation - Liverpool City Council), one example including Wirral being an outlier (significantly worse than England) for all Child & Maternal Health indicators relating to mental health, plus for markers including cancer, young people’s resilience and associated job prospects. For elderly people, Wirral is the 4th most heavily populated local authority in the region and this group are reported to be ‘pitied, patronised, ignored and dismissed’ ☹ 


I want Optimal Wellbeing therapy services to reach these groups and others! :-)


I started a Non-Profit Organization called Wirral Therapy Services Ltd for Optimum Wellness during covid. When I would otherwise have been out of work, I received a small social funding pot for my mission to provide free support for local people suffering from lack of wellness, particularly exacerbated or caused by the covid measures crisis, and I received Government CARE Status to be able to support people face to face when they were otherwise isolated 😊

“Help Wirral Wellness Therapy Services Ltd raise awareness of, expand and enhance accessibility to our non-profit community-supporting project for those locals less privileged, by helping fund media marketing for a year.

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out this page! Below is a little back story and info about why I am raising money for Wirral Therapy Services Ltd.

Thanks for reading! Angie x

Let’s Work Together to Optimise Wirral's Wellbeing!

How your Donation Will Help:

I am therefore looking for funding to help me raise enough money to promote, and raise community visibility of, my paid services locally for a year so that I can comfortably financially support my household AND tithe a percentage of income to our social care pot to help fund free wellness services again to remove barriers for those who can’t afford to pay and possibly most need the support!

Your "start-up" donation will help me develop the website and online resources, establish branding and raise awareness of the wellness services available through social media, and local, marketing. Our services help reduce reliance on medical intervention and relieve NHS burden by promoting primary prevention and sustainable recovery of health.

Wirral Therapy Services Values:

At Wirral Therapy Services Ltd, a unique approach to holistic healthcare that is people-led and tailored to supporting needs in a way that returns empowerment back to individuals and enriches lives is given. Clients are always welcomed warmly into a cosy, safe haven of peace, and are offered the opportunity for authentic self-expression, preventative self-care tools, research-led health education, natural healing remedies and therapies and, most importantly of all, loving care!  I believe that self-empowering wellness services should be accessible to everyone irrespective of their financial ability to pay.


About Me:

Hi, I’m Angie, fourth generation bred on the Wirral Peninsula where I offer wellness services to the local community. First and foremost I am a Mum and Daughter. I have a Masters Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and have worked in the wellness field for 25 years. My clients, friends and family will tell you that I live and breathe natural, holistic wellness therapies and lifestyle and have a passion for helping others improve and maintain Optimum Wellness and Vitality and become Self-Empowered and Joyous in their life.

Thank you for your donation! On behalf of my own household and local people in my community whom I can help to thrive!


To read more about Wirral Therapy Services Ltd and discover more about the wellness support provided, please browse the website.

Registered Company no. 12397994

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