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"Respect yourself and others will respect you."


The Not-So-Small Print!

A booking deposit of £15 must be made to secure a booking.

Please pay into the following account:





Use the name you are booking under as the reference.


Ordinarily, your booking deposit will roll over and cover future treatments.


As a courtesy, I require 48 hours notice to cancel a booking to avoid forfeit of deposit or the ‘free’ treatment in a course or being charged a cancellation fee of £15 per hour. In such an instance, you will be required to pay a deposit again before another appointment can be made.


Please understand that this ensures fairness to accommodate all clients and protect and respect all of our time, including yours; it is highly unlikely that I can book another client who needs my services into a spot at short notice and I value all of my clients equally.

I understand that events can arise that are out of your control. Therefore, if you cancel  between 24-48 hours, I will do my utmost to accommodate fitting you in within a week, and if I can, I will waive the fee.


However, if less than 24 hours notice is given, or you just don’t turn up, the fee WILL be applied in all but the MOST exceptional of circumstances at my discretion.

This policy is essential to smooth running of a sustainable business. Please note that by booking in with me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of my practice. Thank you for your continued support, and for your respect and understanding.

I once had a client exclaim upon simply not turning up to an appointment "Oh, had I realised there was a cancellation fee, I would have let you know". A very inconsiderate attitude showing that sadly some people do not give real respect but that money talks!

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