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Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it. 

Robert Kiyosaki

Wealth Wellness Support

I support clients within all 8 pillars of wellness, including FINANCIAL WELLNESS, because financial lack begets lack in all other pillars of wellness- when we struggle to manifest, attract and welcome adequate money, our emotional and intellectual wellness suffers as we become stressed and distracted into a state of fear; our physical wellness suffers as we cannot afford a gym membership or organic fresh whole foods and become sleep deprived with worry; socio-cultural wellness suffers as we cannot afford that coffee with a friend; we cannot afford to live in a decent environment with healthy fresh air, woodlands, meadows and seafronts and have no time for outdoor leisure pursuits; and our occupational prospects suffer as we lose confidence and as a knock on effect from the inability to progress ourselves intellectually.

We can get in base chakra survival mode- simply on a treadmill of desperation working our bums off just to survive, with little time, energy or funds to fully thrive and reach our potential. This is all very disheartening, and so the cycle continues with our spiritual growth stunted as our inner light becomes dim to us.

Thus, money can appear to be the merry-go-round of misery!

So to enhance our financial wellness and ripple outwards in benefit to all other areas of wellness, we have to first foster an open-minded perception of abundance potential and reawaken the light that still shines, hidden, within- and work backwards round the cycle from there, shifting our old beliefs of material limit and what is and isn't available to us in the world, changing our concept of money itself from being the root of all evil to a wonderful resource we are all entitled to plenty of and courageously taking what seem to be some risks, being prepared to consider different ways of enhancing our income and wealth.

I can help you re-vision your financial position and show you that there ARE opportunities available to YOU to achieve financial FREEDOM, just as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) says....

You just have to decide to LEARN > BELIEVE> ACT.

Check out below some introductory info about lesser known about opportunities that can help you start to prosper more, then get in touch to book a quick, FREE Wealth Wellness consultation with me.

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The founders of Utility Warehouse (UW) and Platin World are conscientious, visionary entrepreneurs who have both realised that long term business success and financial abundance can be successfully achieved without fear-driven greed to trample on others to get to a higher position of power and profit.


Instead, by creating a community relationship business model approach, they have recognised and provided opportunity for customer cooperation that ripples financial benefits outwards to everyone who gets on board and involved in investing commitment to their organisations.

Ordinary folk who join UW and Platin World are partners, given financial rewards like commission and other incentives in return for making recommendations to other people.

It's a brilliant business model that is win-win for everyone financially.

Neals Yard Organic Remedies, the ethical aromatherapy skin care company whose products I use with and sell to clients work on a similar community model. Find out more here:


Matrix Freedom help people become financially free and abundant by teaching and helping people to become a secured party creditor, exempt assets from tax by operating a non-statutory trust and claiming creditor tax rebates. They help people discharge mortgages and loans, and similarly to Platin World, they provide a vendor and consumer marketplace for their members.

For info about how to improve your intellectual and occupational wellness by becoming a Wellness Therapist yourself, visit this page:

Training Professional Pathways

What's great about UW is they've got the best overall charges for their services at the moment and have committed to not raising prices mid-contract, you can bundle all your household services and bills together because UW meter gas and electric, broadband, mobile and insurance- AND they give you a cashback card so that you save money every timr you do your shopping!

Platin World are fab because they have made it easy for the every day person who knows nothing about finance, banking, crypto and blockchain to get on board and take a slice of the pie instead of getting left behind with the looming digital takeover.. Their platform uniquely brings together a range of facilities under one roof- you can invest no, a small, medium, large or super-sized amount of money into crypto (depending on your circumstances- no-one need miss out) with minimal risk, because you're dong it in shared community, rather than alone. You can also get a bank card so you can physically access your currency and use some of it now for day to day shopping as well as saving and building long term investment, AND you can save on things like travel costs and other services because they have set up and are building a self-contained eco-system so people can trade their businesses internally, just as Matrix freedom are doing.

Utility Warehouse, Platin World and Matrix Freedom are all highlighted by striving to get people connected with one another for the benefit of all, so there is lots of networking and friendship forming along the way if you want it, and they are so ethical in their visions to create a fairer world.

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