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"Friends show their love in times of trouble."



Regenerate & Revitalise

WTS Ltd is fortunate to have been funded in 2020 by the Government with a 6 month start-up project grant through The National Lottery Fund, Community Fund (Covid Relief) in order to support the local residents of Wirral and wider regions with their wellbeing, during, and beyond, the Covid Crisis. This grant has enabled us to set up Wirrals WWW Wholistic Wellness Club which is FREE to join (donations and sponsorship very welcome) and provides a varied holistic range of Wellness Resources to support people in different ways as circumstances allow and to meet peoples individual needs including:


* FREE Group Wellness Workshops for locals running until March 2021. (scroll down for details).


* FREE worldwide access to Online Wellness Resources- these resources will remain free forever to members (scroll down for details).

* FREE Therapy Sessions available for a small number of locals on a first come, first served basis to eligible means tested members (seriously mentally or physically affected by financial injury caused by covid 19 such as job loss, low income, business closure- running until March 2021 (get in touch quickly and find out if you're eligible!).

* FREE Adult Social Care Support such as essential shopping and personal care needs for the elderly or disabled locally- running until March 2021 (get in touch).


 Redesign your life holistically through group wellbeing education sessions and online learning resources that give you a skillset for harmonious living.

At WTS Ltd, we believe that people are stronger together, and that community spirit and friendship factors in the development of resilience as an important aspect in the pathway to wellbeing.


We provide a safe, nurturing educational space that connects people and help them make positive, healthful changes in their lives and helps them be active in the community through meeting new people as well as learning new habits of health that can improve their physical health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and assist them into the workplace. 

Wirrals' WWW Wholistic Wellness Club

Online Wellbeing Club Resources

You are warmly welcomed to join Wirrals' WorldWideWeb Wholistic Wellness Membership Club FREE where you can access a range of resources including:- practical tips and advice- mini workshops- guided practical activities- introductory Wellness Therapy courses- video-link group sessions to help you to look after your physical and mental wellbeing OPTIMALLY!

These resources will be added to on a regular basis, and if there is anything in particular you would like to see included, please get in touch by text or voicemail to let me know!

Membership will always be FREE! Please note that after March 2021 a voluntary renewal donation may be requested, and you are welcome to sponsor the project and make donations at any other time. You are under NO obligation to make a donation. However, your Membership donations will be essential to help me keep this Club and its resources going after the first funded 6 months, and every bit helps! Let's keep this community spirited club going! 

Our Wellness is in Our Hands 

mindfulness walk_edited.jpg
Support Group
Health Shake
Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Group Wellness Workshops

Through our workshops, we provide non-medical interventions that help improve health and wellness with opportunities by creating peer support networks, offering dietary education, relaxation techniques and stress-relief tools, self-care hands-on massage and exercise support.

Workshops usually run over 6 week blocks and include:


- guided relaxation, mindful awareness and correct breathing techniques

- the impact of mindset on wellness and physical health and factors affecting mindset

- basic hands-on massage skills for self-care and loved ones

- basic functional everyday anatomy & physiology of the human body

- healthy eating for optimal wellbeing

- guided walking (gentle, brisk and strenuous levels), physical activity level monitoring, recommendations and referrals

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