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"Hi! I'm Angie, and I'd be delighted to welcome you warmly to Wirral Therapy Services at Priory Cottage, where my mission is to empower you to know that 'Wellness truly is in YOUR hands!"

Angie Erving

Opening Hours

Please ask for current Practice Hours which are subject to change.

With Department of Health & Social Care 'CARE Status' WTS Ltd can operate through all tiers and lockdowns in cases where it is imperative for wellbeing, such as for clients with chronic pain or moderate anxiety.


Appointments are made in advance on an individual basis.


Early Bird 8.30am Open - Twilight 10.30pm Close. Bank Holidays.

Weekends Available charged at 15% extra and may be made either Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings. 


Priory Cottage

Upton Village





Tel: 0759 187 8801

Text or leave a voicemail 24 hrs a day and I will get back to you as soon as possible- this is the best way to reach me!

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Your Arrival

Your appointment will be carried out at cosy Priory Cottage.

When you arrive, please note that there is no public parking at the premises, but plenty of free parking on the road opposite, Slingsby Drive.

Wirral Therapy Services is at the first white building, Priory Cottage- you will see the sign. Please arrive promptly for your appointment and knock at the green entrance door.

Late arrivals will result in reduced treatment time, charged at full cost.

It is not necessary or appropriate for you to arrive before your appointment time as there is no reception facility and I cannot accommodate you bringing anyone else, including children, chaperones and dogs.

I cannot change or rearrange appointments within 48 hours of the scheduled visit time. If you need to change your appointment, please do so at your earlier convenience. Late cancellations incur loss of the £15 booking deposit payable at the time of booking and will be payable again before a subsequent booking is secured.

 Please refer to the bookings page. By booking you are agreeing to WTS terms and conditions.

Should you have any questions before your appointment, please feel free to text me or leave a voicemail. These are the best ways to reach me.

I look forward to meeting you!



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