Melt & Reharmonise

I originally came to Ange having received a Gift Voucher- a fabulous, life-changing present given by my Wife! Historically, I've had some issues with my back and hip, mostly self-inflicted, through too many thrills, spills, and prangs on my varied selection of two-wheeled transportation media. Oh, and, yes, through getting older too...

Ange presents a very calm environment, easing me into the treatment following a comprehensive 'interview' to ascertain my headspace and body niggles. I found this experience a little alien initially, coming from a more sports cardiovascular intensive training approach, but Angie's personality and (always) calming

influence guided and prepared me, and on completion of the preliminary relaxation, a Tibetan bowl sounded, and the massage began...

The manner in which the massage was given and attended to my particular areas of concern presented a bespoke treatment that felt so right.

Indeed, Angie's sessions feel so good, it's probably best to arrange a lift home, and to wrap up warm and comfortable afterwards to keep the vibe upon leaving! In fact, Angie's treatments have worked so well for me that I have repeated visits monthly ever since which are scheduled happily amongst my other on-going physical management pursuits to aid my health, flexibility and wellbeing!"

Keith, client since April 2018

Treat Your Feet

Come on in to my sanctuary, leave your shoes and cares outside the room, and get comfortable.

Following a thorough, personalised consultation and assessment of your needs, your feet will be soaked in a warm, aromatic essential oil & petal spa with healing infrared light.

Reclined and cocooned on the heated couch, I will begin an intricate pressure point manipulation on your feet as you drift into a blissful space of calm.

In addition to being able to help soothe particular aches, pains, disorder and swelling in the feet, a non-invasive whole-body-stimulating touch therapy, reflexology address conditions indirectly throughout the body- such as sinusitis, anxiety, asthma, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, headaches, kidney function, PMS and infertility- by working with targeted firm pressure pointing on the mapped areas that correspond energetically.


Reflexology Therapy