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"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."                                                                                                                                           Hippocrates

The Holistic Concept of Wellness

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One to One

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Naturopathic Holistic Healing consultation and therapy sessions carried out in the comfort of the cosy tranquil treatment room at Priory Cottage.

Treatments include tailored

Massage Therapies,


Dermal Care,


Thermal Stones,

Nutritional Coaching,

Personal Lifestyle Planning for Optimum Wellness,

and Natural Beauty Treatments.

Retreat and Rebalance

Social Prescribing


Regenerate and Revitalise

Our Wirral Wholistic Wellness Club is a FREE club* that is focused on providing members with access to some supportive advice, tutorials and resources so help them look after their mind, body, and soul. With new resources added regularly, members can access healthy, nutritional recipes, exercise videos, mindfulness activities and short tutorials to name just a few.

* FREE until March 2021; donations welcome/ pay what you can after this time to keep the project running! A Social Enterprise, I never want money issues to restrict people's access to Wellness!

Professional Pathways

A woman from the commission for assessin

Professional Vocational Therapy Training Courses

Do you feel called to pursue a caring career as a Wellness Therapist? Would you, too, enjoy the satisfaction of helping others' improve their wellness?


It is our vision to support and encourage those who attend self-care workshops to develop not only a sense of responsibility for new habits of personal health, but also the confidence, interpersonal and study skills some may need to facilitate their return to social integration, and drive aspirations for gifting forward provision of community wellness services themselves.

Retrain and Reintegrate

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Who Are We?

A warm welcome awaits at Wirral Therapy Services Ltd (WTS Ltd)!

Wirral Therapy Services is an Holistic Naturopathic Wellness company led by Angie Erving, an Allied Health Professional with over 20 years of experience.

WTS Ltd, a not-for profit, community-serving social enterprise company that works alongside the national wellbeing Social Prescribing initiative. We are an inclusive company with a social purpose, caring, supportive and educational ethos. 

The Department of Health and Social Care recognise WTS Ltd as a CARE™ company providing Essential Support Work to the local Wirral Community and beyond.

WTS Ltd was awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund (covid-relief) with the primary intention of providing a social prescribing community referral service to help improve health and wellness whilst supporting and alleviating the burden on under-resourced GPs and Allied Health Professionals in the NHS. The provision of some services at WTS Ltd are FREE to some users at the point of contact, funding permitting.

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