Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Pain Relief & Pure Indulgence

Come on in to my sanctuary, leave your shoes and cares outside the room, and get comfortable.

Following a thorough, personalised consultation and assessment of your needs, you will indulge in a tranquil, targeted treatment to address specific complaints and reach the areas that need it the most, or simply to ensure you drift away to complete relaxation.​

The treatment area suggestions above give examples of treatment areas which are priced on a basis of time. We can agree a tailor-made bespoke treatment plan just for you, such as calf and thigh massage for athletes and full body massage including the scalp and face.


Shoulders & Neck


Back Massage

Back, Neck & Scalp


Back Massage

Full Body & Scalp


"A visit to Ange at Wirral Therapy Services is a real treat for my mind, body and soul. From the moment she welcomes me into her cosy retreat, the stresses of the outside world start to melt away! Ange goes above and beyond to indulge the senses, creating an incredibly blissful, relaxing experience!

The treatments themselves are heavenly and Ange is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to see. In addition to providing a soothing treatment, she also listens to my life dramas, and about the body areas that are causing discomfort, and tailors each treatment to address these problem areas. Ange will also make recommendations for self help that can be used after the treatment to help repair and restore the problem areas.

I cannot recommend Ange highly enough! After each session, I feel happier, more peaceful and more relaxed... When I leave the comfort of Ange's treatment room, the only thing more I could wish for is that I could take her with me!"

Sarah - Client since 2017